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You Are Welcome!
In The Universe
Of Interference Colours

Hello You,
yes, You,
outside and alone in the world,
are You looking for a wonderful very special present
not available in the moment in any shops
can find it here at the website of Ostrach-Glas
the only manufacturer in the world, who produces multilayer coatings for decorated glassware.
perhaps we have what You are looking for...

You want to see an example, please click here and wait a moment
(Please trust us. The actual glassware looks much better)

produced in Ostrach, a little village in south-west of Germany
you can find our glassware in all 5 continents after only 8 years development
Common coloured glassware is coloured by use of light eating (light  destroying) components. We use a new principle of colouring: the physical effect of INTERFERENCE. In the past it was very expensive and it was only used for high performance optics for example to reduce reflections on glass lenses or for manufacturing laser mirrors.

The result is:
not dark shadows, but strong brilliant colour reflections and an excellent fire, also candle light
Each move of the glass, of the light source or of You starts a new firework. Forget what You have seen in the past about coloured glassware. We are sure, You and Your guests will be amazed to see an Ostrach-Glas. The best presentation is a black backround e.g. black velvet.
This glass is made from the fire of diamonds.
We use the possibilities of the HIGH-TECH-CENTURY and produce this glass on the borderline of known and impossible to create a new kind of glass design.

We need conditions like the conditions for genesis of north light (high vacuum, beams of loaded partikels and electro-magnetic fields). The protected trade name IRIDIA should show this connection. But it's enough, please relax and watch a little photo:

the heavy design hand made glass set Poseidon

Now you are thinking: How much is to pay for it?

Please wait a moment.

For a anti-mirror coating on your eye glasses (spectacles) you have to pay 30 € (30 US$). The technology is nearly the same but the coated area on our drinking glass is greater. Each glass is piece for piece alone hand-made coated. No glass can be produced once more again. There is always a little difference between nearly identical glasses. The glass is produced without poissonous substances and is dish-water resistant and scratch resistant. You get 5 years guarantee of the coating!

our address:
OSTRACH-GLAS, Fa. Cornelia Franke
Kirchstr. 6
D-88356 Ostrach
phone: +49 7585-3102
fax:     +49 7585-3106 or -3126

or send us an eMail !

Ostrach-Glas in Northern Europe

for Korea: Topeye Corporation

for Japan: Kanana Trading Corporation, Kyoto

for Latin-Amerika: Andenkommerz, Mexico

Glass Sets

set Romy, classic style

set Arabelle (lead crystal, optic)

set Poseidon (heavy design, hand made)

vases overview

vase Rose of Ostrach

two cognac glasses with cognac

our shop in Ostrach with a rainbow

black and white

Thank you, for visiting our homepage.

We wish you good surfing weather ;-)

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01.01.2005 Ostrach-Glas, G. Franke